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Stock Market Data

Reuters : DIOR.PAEurolist. Compartiment A
Bloomberg : CDI.FP
ISIN : FR0000130403

(en euros)31/12/202331/12/202231/12/202131/12/202031/12/2019
Highest share price872.00755.50733.50479.80498.20
Lowest share price621.50513.00427.60252.40323.90
Closing price last day707.50681.00730.00454.60456.80
Trading volume1,060,7481,373,8321,755,7163,324,0604,461,304
Stock market capitalization as of the last day of the fiscal year, in billions of euros127.7122.9131.882.182.5
Diluted Group share of earnings per share34.9332.1127.410.716.27

(a) Share price during market trading
Source: Euronext