Shareholder's guide

Reference Data

ISIN Code: FR0000130403 Reuters Code: Dior.PA Bloomberg Code: CDI FP Stock exchange: Compartiment A d'Euronext - Paris Date of first listing: 04/12/91 nitial listing price: €15,63 Number of shares at 2012-05-01: 181,727,048 Principal stock market indices: Euronext 100, Dow Jones Euro Stoxx Index...

Shareholding formats

Shareholders may choose between various formats for holding Christian Dior shares:

Bearer shares

Bearer shares are registered with a financial intermediary chosen by the shareholder. Christian Dior does not know the identity of the shareholder. The intermediary who manages the shares levies holding fees and is the only person able to identify shareholders. The advantage for the shareholder is simplicity and speed of execution for buy and sell orders.

Registered shares

To hold registered shares, the shareholder must apply for registration or conversion with a financial intermediary. Registered shareholders have a double voting right at General Meetings of Shareholders if they have held registered shares for at least 3 years. In addition, as their identity is known to Christian Dior, they receive direct invitations to General Meetings of Shareholders as well as general communications from the Group. There are two methods of holding registered shares:
“Pure” registered shares Christian Dior shares registered in “pure” form are managed directly by the company. The shareholder benefits by not having to pay holding fees.
“Administered” registered shares Christian Dior shares registered in “administered” form are registered with Christian Dior but managed by a financial intermediary chosen by the shareholder. The shareholder can therefore continue to use his usual intermediary but will be required to pay holding fees.

Shareholder Information

Christian Dior offers a range of communications to individual shareholders in order to provide them with regular, clear and transparent information. The annual report, produced in French and English, can be downloaded from this website. A printed copy is also available on request.
In addition, notices are published in the legal and financial press presenting:

  • Quarterly figures,
  • Annual and semi-annual results,
  • Notice of General Meetings of Shareholders.