At a meeting on April 15th, 2020, the Christian Dior Board of Directors assessed the economic situation resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic and, in light of current events and governmental recommendations, decided to propose for Shareholders’ approval at the AGM on June 30th, 2020, a dividend reduced compared to the amount initially announced on January 28th, 2020. Therefore, the gross dividend for 2019 would be 34.00 euros per share (of which an ordinary part of 4.80 euros and an exceptional part of 29.20 euros). Considering the ordinary interim dividend of 2.20 euros and the exceptional interim dividend of 29.20 euros, which total amount of 31.40 euros per share was paid on December 10th, 2019, the final dividend would be 2.60 euros per share and would be paid on July 9, 2020.